Saturday, July 12, 2008

Con Air.

So I got off work today and worked on our yard a bit. When I came inside to eat some grub, I put on a little tv to drawl out the silence in the house... what came on was Con Air.
 Con Air is an interesting show. It pretty much glorifies red neckness. Nicolas Cage is scene riding a tractor to save the day, sporting a mullet, and a white tank with jeans. 
With that funny factor aside, John Malkovich is a great villian. 

Well anyway, just so I didn't feel like I wasted the last two hours, I felt the need to blog about a classic movie. Classic and cliche.

Living here in Texas, I watched Con Air and felt the urge to move into a trailer. Okay, maybe not. But Russ and I are going to a honky tonk tonight. Not just any honky tonk (I don't even know what that means) but the very one that George Strait got his start at. 

So, if that doesn't make you want to move to Texas....

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