Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I grew up in Utah. We sat 30-40 in a class. It always felt like we were shorthanded, the teachers had had the same job working the same classroom day in and day out for 20 million years.

Well I have been substituting here in San Marcos to reclaim my sanity from studying too much for the LSAT.
And guess what? It's different. I would say the majority of the subs I work with are certified teachers that could not find a job. It seems to be the norm, after student teaching, they sub for a year or two and then finally can get into a school. 

And the class sizes are so small! Today I substituted for a special needs class and had between 5-10 students. My other classes have been at max 20 kids. 

I just think it's a neat school district. Maybe it's a one in a million but they are organized and geared to the kids. 

The kids are smart too. I taught 5th grade and we somehow started talking about JFK and the assassination theories.

I mean I don't want tot be a teacher as a career. I just don't see it in the cards. But between now, the LSAT and maybe law school, it'll do.

Oh! And the other thing. The majority of the teachers I have worked with are working on their Master's. They are happy, but they are good examples of their student to continue to learn. 

So! two thumbs up, and a kudos to the San Marcos School District

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Milner Family said...

thats awesome that you guys have such a great school district. wish it was that way out here. maybe there is a reason to move........