Thursday, October 23, 2008


So down here in Texas we got our first "cold" front. That means today it stayed below 75 degress.
We knew it was coming, I think it was last weekend it showed up in the five day forecast.

Fall to me means a lot of things. I think it's my favorite season, next to the rainy season in Hawaii.

It means turtle necks, cocoa, walking around little shops and buying fun things.
And that's what I did today. I wore a turtleneck, drank cocoa, shopped at The Paper Bear (which is my new favorite store). the day was made even sweeter thanks to it being Laura's birthday so I got to have lunch with my friends. It is unbelievably refreshing to meet together with these girls.

So it is finally fall in Texas (for the next few days).

For some reason, for me, fall also means... bangs.


Hilary said...

Ahhhh doing your bangs.

Laura said...

Ditto to loving fall - and would love to add that I have such great friends. Thanks for the lunch, journal and friendship!

And yes, I think the bangs are very fall-ish - love them.

Tobin and Doris Faucheux said...

Hey, I got your blog off of Micah and Sarah's. It is fun to see what you buys are up to. We are at Visit us anytime!!

Jory Dayne said...

Wow, I would love it if fall meant it just stayed below 75 degrees. Well I guess it means that here to, but more like well below 75 degrees.

I'm trying to find a time to take a road trip to Austin with some friends!