Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Being an Adult & Religious

As a kid, the adults at church just pulled things off. Sure, when I was a teen no one could lead me anywhere. But I always imagined that if I still went to church as an adult, it would be as smooth as easy as it had always been.

Or if anything threw me off, I would question my beliefs or church authorities.

Well, it is not so.

Being an adult, and involved in church, the biggest challenge has come from somewhere else. 

I don't know quite how to say it, to explain it. But I think the biggest challenge is working with other adult leaders. We all have goals and ways we intend to magnify our responsibilities and sometimes doing so steps on each other's toes. We may push to have our way and push someone else right out of accomplishing their duties.

I don't know how to repair this. I just know it's tough. And somehow knowing the challenge makes wading through it easier. And that's what I really intend to do- do my best to get through the challenges of it. I don't intend to quit church, I don't have any good reason to. 

What I want to know is, if anyone else has had this same challenge? I'm sure people have, but have you ever thought about it extensively, anybody ever identified this as the biggest issue in being religiously involved?

Like I said, I intend to just keep dealing with it all. It just initially took me off guard. The adults I knew never seemed to have such a struggle when I was a youngster. 


Future Mama said...

I couldn't stand our last bishop so we moved... I guess that's not the best answer but yea... That's all I've got.

It's SO hard to be in a situation at church that makes it uncomfortable to go. I try to remember I'm there for me, and to better myself and not there for those other weirdos!! I also try to tell myself that it's just another one of life's challenges.

I hope I'm understanding your post right and not going off in a totally different direction :)

Kristie said...

I totally understand. I have a friend who got unexpected release from her calling that she loved. She was struggling with it and thought about being released but then decided she just need to work it out. Then out of no where she was released with out warning. She was devistated. But she found out she was prego and wouldnt be able keep up with the demand, so lifes blessings are the biggest challenges. I hope this makes sense.