Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My City vs. Your City

I read this blog just about every day (addiction) and they posted a comparison of music listening to two different cities. I went to the site and did my own comparison... well I was hoping to compare Salt Lake City, but SLC was not an option. No offense, but yet another reason I love Austin over SLC. The music difference.

And a reason I LOVE Austin.

While visiting with my little brother in Calgary in December, I asked him if he knew who Spoon was. I was shocked to hear he had not! In Austin, Spoon is a household name. Spoon is like... is like... as big as Coldplay. Ok, maybe not Coldplay but I was sad to see that Spoon was not as popular as Austin leads me to believe.

And that is why Austin rocks. The music. I've taken tests before that say I learn best by listening. Or that by listening I can feel and understand things better. It is no wonder I love Austin.


Cassie said...

I know Spoon. Do I get a prize?

Kara said...

That is interesting! I wonder what music Utah likes... hmmm.... I am excited to check out spoon!

Lina Buchanan said...

I LOVE Spoon. Sounds like I need to move to Austin to be amongst my own kind.