Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Wedding!

It's been 3 years since Russ and I got married. We are apart this year, which seems to happen every odd year (well, the two we've had now).

Here are some facts about our wedding you may/may not know or may/may not care about:

  • We were married in Canada, where his mom and dad were married, and his grandparents were sealed.
  • We were the only wedding that day at that temple. We were fawned over by all.
  • We showed up about 20 minutes early. The temple workers said, "you're early! Couples are never early to their wedding!" Well... we were excited.
  • We got married at 5:23 pm (Russ's mom was watching the time, totally tracking it down to the minute that her baby boy got married).
  • After we got married, we hugged family and friends and went on our honeymoon. Everyone else went for Chinese.
  • We partied beforehand with the family. We had lunch in a carriage museum.
  • We love to roadtrip! So we started our honeymoon in Glacier National Park. Then we went to Helena (MT), Salt Lake (UT), Manti (UT), Austin (TX), Las Vegas (NV) and finally to St. George.
  • We exchanged wedding rings on March 17, @ a lake in Glacier Park. I don't remember what we said, but it was romantic because we both cried.


Hilary said...

Love it!
You guys are cute. So glad we're friends.
Oh and PS...love the carriage museum in Cardston!

Cassie said...

You exchanged rings at a lake? I almost cried just at the thought of it! Happy Anniversary!

Jamie said...

awww...this could possibly be the sweetest anniversary post i have ever seen :)

Crawford Family said...

Oh my goodness that sounds amazing! I think that is one of my biggest regrets is how BIG and somewhat impersonal our wedding was. Really nice and everything but reading that ya'll got married and just headed out to start your honeymoon. And exchanging rings with just the two of you? Fabulous. I would love to send ya'll one of the wind chimes. Chris is a major sucker for the people of Timor and really wanted to support the fair so we have plenty to go around! Just need your address. You and Russ should totally take a trip down here... although a big trip during law school is hard. Chris and I both died laughing when we read your first moot court-- dead on. Chris said he felt like a total idiot during his. He also said it is weird that he went to law school passed the bar and will never see the inside of a court room. Yet it never feels like a waste...