Monday, August 16, 2010

Funeral for a Pioneer

One of the things I love about living in Central Texas is that the church is so... fresh here. The Pioneer heritage is so recent. Missionaries didn't come to this area until the 1950's. Even then, they were arrested for vagrancy and kicked out. As Russ said to me yesterday, "It's neat to think of how much the church has grown here just in our parent's lifetime." I agree.

Wilma Stone was a pioneering sister in this area. There were times when she was the sole member of the church in the San Marcos/Wimberley area. I met her when we first moved here, and she died about 2 years ago.

Today, I went to a funeral celebrating another stalwart pioneer member; Sister Joan Sayre. She and her husband, Virgil, were some early church leaders in this area. He was the branch president. Church was held in a cafeteria. Brother Sayre went to Salt Lake and asked the prophet if we could build a church building. He raised funds and built that church building.

Sister Sayre was amazing. She has been so kind to me. Always willing to give a compliment, or ask how school is going, or to ask if I will help with a musical number. She always served well, was elegant, and happy. She was a queen in every way.

I am grateful to have known her. It has brought together many thoughts I have had about my love for San Marcos. Many love to bask in the herd, but I love being out here on the front lines. I hope to be 1/10 of the person Joan Sayre was.

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Stefanie Eskander said...

Hi Chow! I've decided to follow your blog! I'm Ian's mom. I don't know if you know, but I was a missionary in Texas in the early 70s. I was in the Dallas mission, so San Marcos wasn't in our mission. But it's true that so many areas had so little contact with the church.. one branch I was in in Childress met in an Elk's Lodge. There were 3 member families. That's it. I served for 8 months in Lubbock. While I was there I heard that there had been a prophesy that there would be a temple built in Lubbock. I thought, 'not in my lifetime'. 10 years later, a temple was built in Dallas, and I thought, 'oh, that's what they meant, Dallas, not Lubbock'. 20 years later, when they announced the Lubbock Temple, I cried. Great story about your friend, she will be missed I'm sure!