Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year! (Belated)

New Year's is always a very low-key celebration for Russ and I. We don't like to drive anywhere because it is "amateur drinking night." A lot of people on the roads are getting smashed at the bar for their first time ever and are driving reckless. Plus, we do a lot for all the other holidays in the year. We like to start the new year off at home and on our own.

But even though we keep it low-key, we like to be with our friend all the same. Sadly, this year all of our friends were either busy or traveling. So we had a little post-New Year's celebration to make up for the lonely New Years! Here's how it went:

Check out this food: Lamb, cous-cous, asparagus, and a Christmas Bacon Salad (blurred out)

Check out the Whitesides: Looking like regular royalty in those hats!

Check out this weird picture:
Somehow we thought that a pic. of the guys reading books would look cool.
Please note: it's kinda weird.

We played some Wii. It was fun.

Just the ladies

Another strange picture that I like to call:
"2011: the Year that everyone gets up close and personal to C"

We had a countdown and everything, reviewed the past year, and talked about this upcoming year. All in all it was a fantastic evening with some of the finest people I know! An especial thanks to the Eskanders for Hosting, Jess for cooking, and Hil for taking the pics!


Hilary said...

Seriously....such a great night.

xojeski said...

so fun!!

Stefanie Eskander said...

Sounds like a blast... what a great idea to celebrate a couple of weeks later. Lots more fun!!!