Saturday, March 12, 2011

About That Award Show Thing...

So while Russ and I diligently balloted and balloted for every show, the Oscars fell on a bad night. It was the night before a big week in law school. I recorded the show and watched it post-suergery.

The one neat thing about the Oscars is that they have a cool app to cast your own ballot. Here are our results:

So in the end, I won! Well, technically Nick won, but hey... he's not been playing all along.

So my question is, what should I win?
 A massage? 
A month of no laundry or housework?
A trip to the coast?
A week off of law school?

What should it be?

Oh and PS: Want to know what one I guess and Russ missed? 
Best Directing. Russ said "True Grit" and I said "The King's Speech".

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