Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And Another Thing About Food...

I promise I will blog about our trip to Orange as soon as I can upload the pictures from my camera.

But for now... Here's a look at what I've eaten lately (I realize I blog a lot about food. But it's so tasty!)

Isn't this the cutest Dr. Pepper you've ever seen?
Sigh. So cute.

Remember how I eat awful at law school?
Well this is how I eat when I go to law school
but I'm sleeping in San Marcos. Tasty food.

That right there is a Hippo breakfast taco from Bucc-ee's
It is soo tasty, I recommend you go get one.
I think I may have to do a run out there this weekend for one...

Nothing says Texas like a Texas waffle.
This is from the hotel we stayed at in Orange.
It reminded me of a waffle maker Hilary, Jamie, and I gave to our friend
Laura when she moved back to Utah.
Remember that?
I miss her.

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