Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vague Blog

Russ and I have just returned from Orange, Texas. We went to visit the Hayes family. They are a family that have so much LOVE. They've come to visit us in San Marcos, and this is our second time going back East. But more on this trip later.

What I wanted to blog about was a conversation I had with M. Hayes. She is the matron of the family, and she is amazing. This woman has a presence about her. When she talks, you listen. Her children are amazingly obedient (but I know it's taken her years of work and practice). And you know she loves you. You can just feel it in everything she does or says.

We were talking on the couch before we left about life. She has had some challenges lately, in all aspects of life. Russ and I have also had some interesting turns lately. This is where this blog is going get vague. So no need to read on if you're not in the mood for the passive discussion.

M. Hayes said, "It's all about attitude. But be careful, because before you know it, you're attitude becomes reality." I had to laugh at this. There's been a lot on my mind lately. I made a comment to Russ a year or two ago, sort of off-handedly. Now, the inverse of that comment has happened. (Vague??? Well, I warned you...).

Since that talk, as we drove home, I've thought about that and pondered why the inverse happened instead of the exact statement I made. And I think I've figured out. I think if the actual statement had happened, the first part would have been done out of willingness. But the second part would have been done out of sense of duty. But because the inverse happened, both were done out of willingness.

Isn't that interesting? And isn't this vague? I do apologize.
I really wrote this so I would remember... I hope I remember through the vagueness.

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