Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

Maybe I'm a pessimist, but every time General Conference rolls around I always think, "There's no way they can beat last time!"

But I am always proven wrong. Yesterday and Today have been NO exception. I was amazed with the understanding that came from every talk. My prayers were answered, my cup has been filled, and I am rejuvenated.

Two of my favorites were Elder Cook's talk and Elder Scott's talk.

Elder Cook's talk (the gems that I love):

  • LDS Women are incredible! And it's true! I often feel this way about the sisters I get to teach in Relief Society.
  • Every sister has a different circumstance. It is not our place to judge their choices and what we think they should do. We just need to love. I loved this because every major choice I've made has been made after prayerful, serious consideration. It can be frustrating that after all this some random person thinks they can tell me that my choice was wrong. This part of his talk made me feel empowered.
  • The bishop delegates so that he may spend time with his family. I really took this to heart this time around.
Elder Scott's talk (the gems that I love):

  • He talked about when he and his sweet wife were married. If you don't know his story, I recommend you find it. They are an amazing example of true and lasting love. He has never remarried and I think she died more than ten years ago.
  • He talked about the notes they send to each other and how, at the time, they seemed so insignificant. But after she passed away, he realized that she had saved them and she had treasured them. 
  • Enjoy marriage, become unified.

Ah! I just loved Conference! I know it'll be even better in October!!!

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