Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy * Fun * Happy * Weekend

So this weekend was a good weekend. I know I just blogged about what I was going to do this weekend, and not I'm bloggin' 'bout it. But here's why it was good:

I found out I passed PC1.
And I did pretty good. Not going to lie, I cried a little. Because if I had failed this class I would have dropped out of law school. Because I'd done my best and I couldn't do it again.

Russ and I were adoptive parents this weekend to a 16 yr. old boy.
Our dear friends went to a wedding in Houston and their teen son, Brandon, did not want to go. So he came and stayed with us. On Friday he and Russ went camping. On Saturday he tagged along with me running some errands and the going to Mormon Prom (It's a huge prom dance in San Antonio for Mormon kids). I must admit, it was kind of fun picking him up after the dance and hearing about the girls, and how he almost kissed one of them, etc. Oh to be young!

Finally saw the latest Harry Potter.
It was pretty good too. I'm excited for the next one to come out. And yes, I cried when Dobby died.

Sunday Night Family Dinner.
Finally, we had Sunday dinner with our family in Lockhart. I just love having family nearby. MarJane is a great cook. After dinner Greg shared a academic paper he had written and it was fantastic! I found it so inspiring that he continues to study and write. One of my big fears of being out of school is to lose the study side of life that I find so fulfilling. To know Greg is still academically active gives me hope that I can continue to grow and learn.

Of course, I did my weekend plans as I had planned. Michelle's graduation was wonderful. It made me excited for next year and to graduate from law school. She's a great example to me of finishing!

Life is Good. This weekend was just about as lovely as it could be!

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