Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day

It was a week ago, I know, but better late than never, right?

I woke up on Memorial Day feeling like I should feel grateful for those who have sacrificed their life, if not in the ultimate way it could be sacrificed, then by giving up some of the best years of their life. But I didn't feel very grateful. Because all I could think of it this:

I had a hard time feeling grateful for those who have given the best years of their lives, so people like these two could squander their own lives and promote ignorance of the best years of the live of many young people.

I felt very bad about not feeling grateful. I felt very upset that people like the above are now the face of America. Sure it was funny at first, but the joke is old. The celebrity of ignorance, money, and over the top everything needs to stop. The purpose of life is a lot more subtle, intelligent, and pure.

And I'm not just saying that. On Memorial Day I got out of bed. I went about my day working on the house, taking care of friends, and being taken care of by my friends. About a year and a half ago I started a project on our house that never was finished. It was too big of a job for me. So my friends and my husband- my very amazing friends and my very amazing husband, gave up their day off to finish this project:

I wish I had a picture of the final project, but they're still finishing up one side. That'll be in a future post. Plus, I won't be back in San Marcos for a few weeks. So even if it is done, I'm not there to snag a photo of it.

Anyway, I started to feel grateful for those who had given up their time to help.

While the boys worked on this project, I went to brunch with other friends (Heidi, Teresa, and Jess). Again I felt grateful for the chance we had to be together and enjoy some grub.
I felt grateful for our freedom to peacefully assemble.

Later I took Heidi and Jess to my favorite gas station. Again, grateful for the freedom to travel... and to hold hands with the Bucce's beaver without judgment.

I Love Bucce's

By the time I went back to bed that night, I felt very grateful. I included in my prayers that night a prayer of gratitude for those that served and those I knew personally who had served. Let me thank them again right now:

Thank you Daniel

Thank you Jill

Thank you Aaron!!!
Thank you Will (and Will's wife)
Aren't they cute???

Thanks Josh!

Thank you Chris.

And thank you to the many others who have served or are currently serving!

Thank you to my Great Uncle David for giving his life so other soldiers he was serving with could live!

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