Monday, July 18, 2011

Cake Pops- Take 1

My friend Heidi had a baby shower a few weeks ago and I made cake pops for the occasion. Here's how it went:

First, you bake the cake, then crumble it. You add about 3/4 of the jar of frosting.
Then roll into balls, stick in the fridge so they don't fall to pieces once you dip the balls into the melting chocolate.

Next, I make the toppers. I used an edible marker to outline the smile on the Teddy Graham's face. I got the markers from HEB for about $8. Then I stuck the Teddy Graham into a sour lifesaver. Looks like he's ready to tube down the San Marcos River, huh?

After they are in the fridge for about 20 min, take out the balls. Dip the stick into the melting chocolate, stick the cake on the stick and then carefully dip the cake balls into the melting chocolate. The key is to DIP. If you swirl it around, you'll cool down the melting chocolate faster than you should.

After the dip, decorate! I just stuck the little Teddy on top and put some sprinkles on it. 
Then I stuck the pop into a styrofoam block and put the pops in the freezer to set up. 

Then, voila! Pretty little cake pops. 
Perfect size for dessert. 

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