Monday, August 1, 2011

Just a Few Thoughts For Today

  • I love staying in hotels. It just feels nice to be in a clean space that I don't have to clean.
  • I want a government, not a political party. I hate the type of people who get elected to public office.
  • Some jokes just arent' funny the second time around. Especially when they are Laffy Taffy jokes.
  • Even though my sister and I haven't been very close, we still showed up to the retreat today with out hair in a braid.
  • I've heard a lot of awesome ladies today share a lot of difficult problems, some with about their spouses. It saddens part of me. It also scares part of me. I keep thinking about something that a law professor taught me- the biggest threat to any marriage are the two people in that marriage and the choices that they make. Same sex marriage, friends getting divorced, etc., etc. will not affect my marriage as much as the choices my husband and I make. 

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