Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Visiting Teacher Got Married

 Rebecca has been my visiting teacher for the past little bit. And she's been awesome. The past 6 months have been a tough challenge for me. Rebecca was always on hand to give encouragement, bring an uplifting message, or come and bake cookies with me. I've referred to her as my 'angel'.

So what do you do, as a visiting teachee, when your angel is suddenly swept off her feet?

You Celebrate with Her.

You throw her a Bridal Shower- well co-throw along with Michelle
(the awesome best friend, room mate, and my dear friend!)

You make up a crazy theme: Movies. Every gift must have a movie reference.
Example: Pillows- While You Were Sleeping

Then, along with the Relief Society, you make her a quilt.

And finally, you show up to celebrate her big day! YAY!

Sure will miss her, but I know we'll always stay close! 


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Rebex said...

Aww, I just now saw this. You are so sweet, Chow. Thank you. I sure do miss you.