Monday, April 9, 2012

Babies in Blue Bonnets

"Take your picture and let me be, mom"

"Pose for a picture? Ok, I can do this."

"Ok, I'm not crying, but I'm not going to pose like he did. I'll just lay here"

"Hey! You already took one! I might cry if you keep this up!"

"Now you want the two of us together... well alright but I'm kind of done..."

"Ok! I'm Done!"
Pres: "Aw, don't cry. This will be cute when we get married someday..."

Pres: "Wait... I don't want to leave my mom! Marriage sounds awful!"
Phoe:"I hate these flowers! And I don't know what marriage is"

"Let's never do this again! Flowers are so sad!"

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Paul and Tammy said...

Ha Ha I love the story telling. Phoenix is getting so big. Usually I'm pretty good at seeing who the baby looks like but I'm having a hard time deciding out of you two who she looks like the most. I see a pretty good mix of the both of you. Either way she's beautiful!