Friday, May 11, 2012


Well, I've graduated. Charmaine Wilde, Esquire. Charmaine Wilde, J.D.

It feel pretty good to have graduated. Here's how it went down:

I'm a W so I was near the end of the graduates. I watched as 64 of my classmates walked zombie-like across the stage (well, the girls in stilettos teetered) and smile the same safe smile. It was boring. And uncomfortable to watch people try not to fall.

As I stood next to be called, I had a rush of emotion: I can't just walk. I am too happy for that.

So I came out cheering with a double fist pump.

I clapped for myself all across the stage. The announcer got my name wrong because I "scared" or "surprised" her as I walked. But I don't care- as long as the certificate says Charmaine Wilde (not Charmaine White).

I hugged the dean, the speaker, and those hooding. I cheese-smiled in every picture.

Because I was happy.

And I don't care who knows it.


Paul and Tammy said...

Congratulations!! I know how it feels to have each year over with, I can't yet imagine how finishing completly will be! I'll have to consider that double-fist pump action for next year!! Congrats again!

Paul and Tammy said...

Yay!!! Congrats. One more year for us. I'm glad you showed some excitement as you walked. You deserve to celebrate your walking moment. Phoenix looks so cute in her cap and gown. Paul is way excited for Lily to wear hers

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