Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back Again

Blogging seems to be an ebb and flow for me. A series of starts and stops.

Here I start again.

I guess I'll start with this.

I get a large look at society in my what I do everyday. I have one consistent question.

Where are the parents?

More particularly, where are the fathers?

As I've ventured into parenthood with Russ, I am so grateful he's by my side and not someone else. I've tried to describe our parenting style and I think I can explain it as this: co-parenting.

Most of you may thing- is there any other form?

Well. I think a lot of the time one parent is dominant. Moms tend to be primary caregivers, to be honest.
But it seems with Russ and I we are 50/50. He gets Phoenix ready in the morning and takes her to school. I pick her up and get her ready for bed. Together we read her bedtime stories. 
I do her laundry and clean her room.
Russ goes to the Parent-Teacher Org. meetings and washes he food bottles.

This blog is really more of a free-flow of thought.

but our society needs more parents. More fathers.

Children do not need more friends. They need more direction.

I heard it this way recently- Children need a backbone, not a wishbone.

I think this is why I have come to loathe tv shows like Glee and the like. It turns kids into dreamers instead of workers. Kids today focus so much on developing a personalilty and becoming a unique butterfly that they don't work or learn.

well guess what? Often, it is while you are doing and working you develop who you are. 

Ok, this is turning into a rant. A slightly angry rant! It's time I back off and go run errands.

until next time!


Victoria Anne said...

3 Pretty awesome dad's in your picture... the guy in the green shirt is a total stud ;) And an amazing father <3

All Because two people fell in love said...

well said. I am so happy to have a husband involved in our children's lives. :)