Sunday, February 17, 2013

February Flying By!

It seems that every week the Wilde household has had an emergency. Between illness, jury trials, and even the bizarre case of a friend in jail... life is just flashing by!

But there have been great moments of fun and joy. Our little P has 4 teeth and she's chewing on everything for more!

Aside from the buzz of life, things are good. If I could get my sinuses permanently cleared up, I could say that life is great.

In looking ahead, we are getting our garden ready for the coming year. The goal is to plant the first round of seeds on March 4th.

I had a dream last night about my grandmother and her garden. It left me with the most wonderful feeling in the morning and a strong desire to make a large garden like she had. I miss her. And I want to honor the good she did in this world by continuing it.

Well, those are my thoughts for tonight.

Enjoy the last 10 days of February!

These Orange Rolls are the best thing I've eaten this month.

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Paul and Tammy said...

What is in the air?? We have been SO SO SO sick for a month with all kinds of things. Hopefully you guys get feeling better. Can we just skip February and start March?