Saturday, September 28, 2013

Night and Day

Thursday night I had the opportunity to go to the temple with the youth.

Thursday afternoon I also had the responsibility of recommending punishment for probation violators.

I hadn't thought much about the contrast until I was at the temple, walking the names of people from the baptismal font to the recording area. One name was from the 1500's and I thought about how long she must have waited for the freedom that comes with making the baptismal covenant.

It was at that point I thought back to those sorrowful probationers- looking at time in jail or a few more years of probation.

How distinct the contrast- by day ensuring people stay limited and punished and required to check in and rehabilitate. Then by night working with others to help set them free for eternal salvation.

I do love my job. These folks do need the counseling or jail time or probation that they get.

But the night at the temple is light years more rewarding.

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