Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Blog I H-A-T-E

Not too long ago my friend Kara blogged about a blog that she thought was funny. So I went to it. I read it and it DISGUSTED me. It was the most pathetic attempt at humor I had ever seen.

I am all for sarcasm and occasionally making fun of people. But there is a point where it makes me angry, sad, and upset. I have never understood how people could become violently angry, but this blog makes me feel so angry. Not to be violent but I wish I could hack into it and delete it.

Ugh, I know that's a bad thought, but it just raises my blood flow.

Anyway, I hadn't gone to this blog because it makes me so mad. But I made the mistake of noticing it on Jen's Baby Makin' Blog and clicked the link.


I am again irate.

I'll give you a little more detail. It's a fake blog making fun of women who are mormon and I guess typical mormon. Think Single's Ward-type movies only more conceited. That's what it is. I find it completely conceited to make fun of people to such extreme. It says, "I am better than you".
I hate those mormon movies. They drive me nuts. It's says, "we're tools and cliches. we don't think for ourselves".

Granted, I know there are church members out there like this. Who walk around and think, "If I do these nice things, perhaps I will be relief society president someday". BARF! Who thinks that! Say that and be done with it. Or try to let them see the fallacy of such a statement.
But I find it disgusting to mock them, and the response and attention others give them. I just feel like they're attacking an innocent, harmless animal.

Okay, here's what really chaps my hid; they have sponsors and advertising for this blog. So there's an audience, and now there's a profit. They've sold out.

I don't know why this bothers me so much. I am never going to be president of anything-church or otherwise. I do not live in Utah, I don't fit the profile of the people being made fun of, but it bothers me.

I'm sorry. Normally Russ and I write cute, quippy things. I leave my real thoughts to secret blogs, gaggle gatherings, and for Russ. But I am just really pissed off.

How pathetic are we? We spend time making faking blogs about sincere people, profit from them when we could spend our time reading a book, helping someone in need, or let's make it practical- pay attention to your kids! Ugh, I so despise people that are so.... LAZY. Okay, I better stop. But I will be grumbling until my 3 mile run tomorrow.


Milner Family said...

good for you for standing up for what you believe in. This is why I love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you about that blog, its the lamest blog ever. she is so arrogant and she needs a reality check. i pity her friends if they actually read her blog and and still hang around her.

Jennifer said...

hahahaha!! You shoul see the story KSL did on her. She was annonymous... probably to avoid getting jumped!

Um, ok I have to admit when I first saw the blog while I lived in Provo I thought it was hilarious. Brian hates it, I think he thinks the same way you do.

I never thought of it as it being like beating up a harmless creature but that statement was funnier than anything I read on that blog! hahahaha!! Chow you're the best!