Monday, April 19, 2010

This Just In

I ordered my swimsuit for the summer today:

So! Now all I have to do is:
  • Study and take 3 major finals to finish off my first year of law school.
  • Survive sleeping on an air mattress for the next 12 days.
  • Celebrate turning 26 this Saturday by studying for those blasted finals.
  • Not go crazy without Russ
  • Survive on eating microwave dinners. (blech, I need to learn how to cook)

THEN my friends, it will be SUMMER!

April 30 cannot come fast enough!

I'll write in a future post what my summer plans are. For now, I need to hit the books!


Hilary said...

Two things:
Super cute swim suit!
And.....I can't wait for summer! So excited to have you back home!

McKenzie said...

Love the swimsuit! Where is it from? I seem to have a really hard time finding swimsuits that I like that also fit.

Future Mama said...

PS: LOVE that swimsuit!