Friday, April 23, 2010

Summer Plans

I need a study break from finals. So I'll follow-up from my last blog post by writing about my summer plans. And, I'm going to use bullet points. I really love bullet points.

  • I'm working for the District Attorney's office.
  • I'm moving back in with my husband. (YEAH! It's been too long)
  • I'm getting my yoga teacher's certification done! Classes in May in Houston.
  • I'm going to Girl's Camp. Yup, 3rd year of being camp director. Such a good time.
  • I'm teaching 4 ballet classes. YIKES! It was supposed to be just two... but that's ok.
  • Floating the San Marcos River.
  • Painting the downstairs bathroom, the garage, and refinishing the bannisters.
  • Reading... for law school. Yeah, I might read a book or two, but I have to prepare for Constitutional Law. That class has an 8 hour final!
  • Chicago in June for a law school org. I am part of.
  • Utah in July for a wedding.
  • NY in August? Canada in August? Maybe you'll come visit me?

Summer has never looked so good. Alright, back to the books.


bbrit0101 said...

Dang girl. sounds like a fun summer but a busy one. Thank you for sharing those lyrics with me =) I printed them off. You and Kelsea are two of the greatest and most spiritual friends I know. Thank you for being there for me. Love ya so much.
Love Britni

Jennifer said...

I'm brave you say?! Hehe!!!! I think YOU'RE brave!! Your a freaking genius and going to LAW SCHOOL!! ... I'm just silly.

I'm glad you get to move back in with your husband, that will be nice huh? I hope we can hang out this summer cause I'll be off of work. And we're going to Utah in July too!

I promise I won't be a boring mom that always talks about her kids, I'll still be cool.. PROMISE! And baby will be cool too.. Hey, Brian can even watch her and we can hang out!

Stacy said...

Cute swim suit!! Your summer sounds much more exciting than mine! You just motivated me to plan some things to make my life more interesting. lol!