Friday, October 1, 2010

Resurrecting the Blawg

Finished moot court today, in the semi-finals. I mean, I guess it's more appropriate to say I was eliminated. But it felt awesome. We fought hard and long and we did well.

Goals for the next month (um... where did September go?):

  • Learn T&E, Business Organization, and Tax
  • Use my beautiful camera and get back into the shutterfly mode
  • Get back on the Blog-mobile

A quick thanks, though, before I proceed:

  • Craig Stango, Moot Court Partner extraordinaire. Those of you that know me well know I'm weird. I count our success occurred because Craig could handle this with no problem. Just ask him about the law school ghost. He's a champ. I've given him back to his girlfriend.
  • Papa, Moot Court Coach. We didn't plan this, but turns out having a Canadian coach your team is like the inverse of the plot of Cool Runnings. It works and it's fun.
  • Allison Reppond, competitor and friend. She was fierce to go up against, and quick to help us after.
  • Ben Moore. Yup, my old boss from this summer. I felt like I used a lot of his tactics. He's the modern day Atticus Finch and one of my professional heroes.
  • Russell. Behind every married, female, mormon law student is a good husband. Thanks sweetie.
  • Jess & Ian, torture experts and moonlighting barristers. Thanks guys for letting me practice on ya'll.
  • Any others I could list... Wyma, Kacie and Ben, all those pals who were helpful thanks.

Now, to figure out what is going on in Trusts and Estates. More to come as Russ and I explore the state fair and the OU/UT game.

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