Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Proposal: Pretty Good

I warned you! We went and saw The Proposal tonight and it was pretty good.
Here's why:

1. We were with the right crowd. Mostly girls or couples on dates, everybody was in the mood for a romantic comedy. I even had extra giggles at hearing the audience saw "aww" in all the right places. It's just funny how people make those noises spontaneously and yet in unison.

2. It paced well. When a scene was building to a climax, it clicked along well, minus a grandma scene at the end. You knew what was coming but it was happening so fast, you got caught up in the moment and laughed about it anyway instead of shaking your head.

3. Ryan Reynolds was surprisingly funny. I've seen a lot of his earlier stuff and all were unsatisfying. He pulls it off. Bullock was just okay.

4. Okay here's really why I like it and I'll be honest it's a bit cheesy and may ruin the film for you, so consider this your SPOILER ALERT : It reminds me of why I fell in love with Russ. There's the big dreamer character (much like me) longing for bigger dreams than any of their loved ones has planned. They chase the dream, love those that would keep them where they're at, but then fall in love with the one that shares the big dream (that's Russ). Warned you it was a cheese!

You always want to walk away from a romantic comedy reminiscent of young love and feeling that same fondness for the love of your life the second you fell in love with them.

This did it. Maybe it was crowd, or the date night, but I liked it. Not an Academy winner, but a good feel.

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