Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm going through my quote book right now to find a quote for a friend. Thought I would share some of my favorites:

"If you're frustrated then you are doing it for the wrong reasons"
-Malia Koki

Righteous desires will lead us to ponder the words of the prophets.

"Chow, I want you to know that I think you're beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful"

"The happiest people in this world are those who love their neighbors as themselves and manifest their appreciation for God's blessings by their conduct in life."
-President George Albert Smith

"Because of you, I've had just the slightest glimpse of how splendid eternity can be."

"It's not the end of the world- it's the end of the world as you knew it"
-Sister Kimokeo

"The greatest of fears is the fear of failure"
-President Monson

"Heavenly Father has given us life and with it the capacity to think, to reason, and to LOVE."
-President Monson (again)

"Life is hard. Whether or not you are married or single, have children or not, life will always be hard."
-Mary and Jerry Duke

"One cannot find peace in work or in pleasure, in the world or in a convent, but only in one's soul.
-W. Somerset Maughan (The Painted Veil)

"The lasting peace that come from being honest is more valuable than the momentary relief of following the crowd."
-True to the Faith (P.64)

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Hilary said...

SO good......and thanks for finding me the quote I needed too!