Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I ♡ About Wednesdays

Wednesdays used to be the worst day of the week for me. Why? Well, because it's the middle of the week and I live apart from my husband. So Wednesday means that I haven't seen him since Monday morning and I won't see him until Friday night. Wednesday is like the bottom of my law school hole that I crawl in and out of every week. But this year I've tried to make Wednesdays a positive, and it's worked.

Over the summer I took the first of many yoga teacher training classes. To complete the training, I have to teach 8 free yoga classes. So why not teach these classes on Wednesday?

I love it. I love teaching yoga. After each class I brace myself for the participants to say, "well that was awful." But I'm pleasantly surprised that, after each class, everyone takes a big sigh of relief and thank me. It's a wonderful experience to see a group of individuals who don't know each other spend some time together and create a kind of community in just one hour.

I can't wait until I teach again! Hooah!

I think I might start posting some easy, short yoga moves on here as well. Just to spread the yoga love!

I ♡ Wednesdays!

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rxmilner said...

namaste! Wish I could attend one of your classes!