Thursday, January 20, 2011

English for English Speakers- Part 2

Spelling. That problematic pest that bothers us on Facebook, in e-mails, and occasionally on the internet.

If you are a frequent mis-speller, here's some advice: set your computer to spellcheck everything you type. I have mine set to this, so anytime and anywhere I type on my computer I know when I've spelled something wrong.

I can't tell you how to do this, but ask Russ! Or google it.

Even with this little tool, I still misspell. Partially because I write so much. At Baylor we don't have laptops in class. So I constantly handwrite. As I review these notes, here are my top misspelled words:

  • Similar (up until about two weeks ago I sincerely thought it was spelled "similiar"
  • Imminent- I got those awful red lines as I typed that and I had to correct it. I like to spell it immenient
  • subconsious, and other -ious words. Ugh. red lines again. I hate this word.
There are more that I can't recall.

Now here are words that I see people misspell and I cringe. I want to say something, but I am not the spelling police. But here it is:

  • wierd. (this is wrong. It's W-E-I-R-D. It's a short word people!!!)
  • screeming
  • definately (let's look at this phonetically: defin@ly. This is wrong. It's definitely)
  • suceed (no sorry. This is a failure.)
  • decieve 
  • apparantly
  • beatiful
And now for what to me is the worst of the worst. The slang-type the kids use these days. I know it looks "cool". Sometimes it does. But when you type like this all day, everyday... I get a little concerned about the future. Plus, you're not a 13 year old girl. You're a 20 something in College. Here's some examples:
  • is eattin....n decidin wat 2 do....i supposed i shud catch up on my hmwk....dats da rite 2 do rite?...
  • Ia kindah awake...i guess i shud jump in da shower 2 b AWAKE.....
  • can't decide if i wanna eat..or jus go sleep...i mite jus go sleep....
  • I wanna wear jeans...but der all in da i guess i gottah wear a dress...
  • i had a 5day wkend....i feel like i havn't in sku 4 like ever...
  • i tink i wanna go bed soon.....i hav notin 2 do...i cleaned up my project....ate dinner....n now its jus blah....

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