Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoughts from last night...

I went to RS last night and had a great time. I've had a crappy week that extends to apt. problems, school problems, and car problems. So it was amazing to have some good ole fun. It got me thinking about things as I drove home from dropping off some friends from the activity. I thought about my little San Marcos Ward. The quirks, the struggles, and the strengths.

Then I remembered my mission. I remembered that one of the great things about serving a mission is that you get to see how many wards function and work... and how some don't. I remembered that one thing that makes a ward work is when everyone knows everyone. And what doesn't work is when people are clueless about each other. "Thomas? Who's that? I'm in X auxiliary organization so I don't know (or care) about them."

I took a moment to be sure that I try to know and care about the people I go to church with.

After this thought.... I thought about my little town. I thought about San Marcos. As I crossed over the San Marcos River, on the Old Bastrop Highway Bridge, all I could think is that "This is where my heart is."

Sorry to be such a cheese. But I really do love where I live. I love my life. I can't wait to be finished with law school and be back here for good.

Anyway. Just thoughts that I had last night. Things that I want to remember.

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Hilary said...

Love it. Love San Marcos!