Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thoughts on Law School

 A few months back I was talking with a friend and lamenting the challenges of law school. I'll be honest, it was a downer conversation. My friend commented that law school was not worth it. This made me think. A lot.

Because I disagreed but I couldn't articulate at the time why I disagreed.

Well, it hit me in Constitutional Law the other day. As we were discussing the history of the Equal Protection Clause. I was marveling (mentally) about the lengths people have gone to in order to protect simple freedoms. Most things that I wouldn't care about. Simple freedoms that take decades to secure.

And then it hit me. Law school is worth it because there are things worth fighting for. Giving your all to protect principles and values that are true to the core. That is worth it. The civility is worth it.

I hope I remember this as I start Practice Court in a few weeks. Practice Court is the hard part of Bayor Law School. It's an intensive training in the courtroom. Part of me is terrified. A small part of me is excited. No matter what, it will be worth it in the end.


Cassie said...

I sure hope its worth it! My husband is studying for the LSAT currently... gulp.

Chow said...

BLESS YOUR HEART CASSIE!!! It's a crazy ride!