Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gift for a Great Man

If you don't know me well, know this: I tend to expect the best in people. I do this to a fault. I am too critical of myself or others. And I'm working on lightening up about it.

That said, I have had a great class from a professor who has exceeded my "great expectations." I have a great appreciation and respect for this man. He is dedicated to academics. He is always respectful of students. He is always willing to listen to whatever silly thing we want to tell him without getting impatient or annoyed. He also knows how to make class fun.

Who's this guy? Why, he's Professor Guinn. Grandpa Guinn. Godfather Guinn. He's my Constitutional Law professor. And tradition at Baylor says that the Constitutional Law class should give this grand professor a gift. Yes, a gift. A little 'thank you' present from his students.

Now in the past he's received some very nice and expensive ties. He's received some bottles of Wild Turkey (it's some sort of expensive alcohol. I'm not really sure what kind). But our class is a BIG class. So we could afford to do something extra special.

That's right, we bought him a shotgun. So he can exercise his 2nd amendment rights. We also gave him a gift card to Hooters (I was less than excited about this part). So he can excercise his 1st amendment right to symbolic speech.

It was a lot of fun. Anytime you can give a 90+ yr. old man a gift that brings tears to his eyes... it's worth it. 
He's a fantastic professor, someone I hope to emulate someday, and I am very grateful I got to take his class.


testmonkey said...

OK, three things:

1) So glad you explained the Hooter's gal in the background. At first, I was all, "Hey, Hooter's girl gotta get an education, too." But then I was all, "But shouldn't she at least change before class?"

2) That dude is 90?! Are you sure?

3) What kind of shotgun was it?

Oh, and is he actually a Hooter's fan, or was there some irony in the gift? :)

Chow said...


1) Haha! I wish those Hooters girls were in law school. Then maybe I'd be bumped up on the curve a bit more. But we asked them to come and deliver the gift cards ($250's worth)

2) Yes, 90 but just barely. He works out EVERY DAY. Runs 15 miles a week. He graduated law school in 1963. He's OLD and ADORABLE.

3) I don't remember what kind of shotgun it was. A big one. A nice one.

He is a Hooters fan for the reason that there's a 1st Amendment right to symbolic speech. Meaning that dressing a certain way is a Constitutional right.
So he feels like going to Hooters is a way of exercising a Constitutional right. : D

testmonkey said...

@Chow: heh—somehow I don't think the ol' "Wha?! I'm just helping to support symbolic speech. It's a 1st Amendment right, you know!" argument would work around my house.