Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am not Dead, just nearly dead.

Baylor is on the quarter system. Which means that I had my Constitutional Law final on Thursday and began classes on Monday.

And I'm in the dreaded Practice Court. This means (so far):

  • Class from 7:45-3:30 pm
  • 200+ pages to read every night
  • Kicked out of class and assigned a memo if you don't know what's going on... even if you've read.
  • No sleep. I've been studying from 3:30-12 or 2 am every day. Ick....
  • 9 weeks of this with 5 out of the 70 students failing....
I apologize in advance if I don't blog very often. But I will try to. I have a number of blogs I'd like to write:

  • Campus Radio: Why it's good to have someone edit your great ideas
  • Friends who tell you the truth and why they're awesome
  • How I volunteered myself on the 1st day of class... something unheard of in PC.
  • My best friend is coming to visit me! YAY!

Until I have time to write about this, enjoy this picture (this is me listening to my online research training while I write this blog):


Anonymous said...

WOW you're very busy. You're such a go getter. you're a great example too. When do you graduate?

Chow said...

About a year or so from now! It's getting close!!!