Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weird Weather...

One of my bragging points about Texas is the mild winters. They are very beneficial to me because I have extremely bad skin. Like extremely bad skin. I have eczema. And the cold weather makes me break out in dry skin rashes.

In case you haven't heard, the past few days in Texas have been anything but mild winter days. We've had ice rain and snow. It was below freezing for 3 days straight. And what's worse, check this out:

Do you see that???? San Marcos was colder than Salt Lake City, and WAY colder than Calgary. Now this weather better not stick around. I mean, for the first time in Texas I broke out in dry skin rashes. It was awful too (in my armpits...ewww). 

So weather, you better shape up. I'm not living this far away from my family to avoid getting these dry skin rashes if they're just going to show up anyway. 

Plus I liked bragging about the weather.


Anonymous said...

Don't you know what all this cold weather is from... Global Warming... (that don't make sense to me) But that's what people are saying.

Cassie said...

How dare Mother Nature not consider your sacrifice. I am angry!