Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax Day!

As I drove home from Waco today, I listened to this story today about how people don't think paying taxes is very patriotic. I sort of thought this was funny. Funny because I've always patriotic about paying my taxes. No really. I don't mind sacrificing my money to enjoy my many liberties and rights that I do.

But at the same time, I'd like to know where that money goes. I'm patriotic about it until I know it's being wasted. Then I get mad.

I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way, because the story told about getting a receipt showing where your tax money is going. When I got home today, I checked it out. The White House has the site. (click here to see it).

Here's our receipt:

* You can also see a break down for national defense. For example, $15 went to the FBI from my income taxes. That seems like a deal!

Here are a few thoughts after looking at it:
  • Job and Family Security: tab there's a section that has $24.22 going to Railroad retirement. I'd rather that went to education. Railroad retirement? Really? On top of my $222.78 that goes to federal employees (Also under the "Job and Family Security" tab).  Seems like double dipping.
  • Education and Job Training: seems legit. I would be willing to pay more in taxes for this though.
  • Veterans Benefits: it says I pay $24.22 for education. Umm... again, I would pay more for this...
  • I'm fine with the Natural Resources tab. Makes me want to go to Yellowstone.
  • International Affairs: I have a friend who works at an embassy in  the Pacific. $29.00 of my tax dollars go to him (Your welcome Chris!)
  • Agriculture: Again, I'd pay more. Let's take down that Monsanto Company. I support local farmers.

But the one most upsetting to me:
  • $19 for Response to Natural Disasters???? NO WONDER FEMA IS SO BAD!!!

What do you think about where your tax money is going?

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Anonymous said...

Dang those rediculous taxes! On another note: You should go to Yellowstone! Come visit me this summer. :)