Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kayak Attack

Earlier this week Russ and I took an afternoon to kayak 5 miles down the San Marcos River- From Sewell Park to Old Bastrop Highway. I love this river! I love the serenity of being on this river. I can't wait to do it again! Here are the highlights:

  • I saw a snake. First one I've seen on the river. I was sort of scared, but it was just sunbathing and didn't really move. So I didn't freak out... to bad.
  • Russ only tipped once. But it was a legit tip- he was going about 1,000 mph around a bend in the river and smacked into the embankment. It was a understandable flip. (PS: I have yet to flip my kayak on the river...)
  • Mostly it was just a nice peaceful ride with my sweetheart.
Now here are the pictures (Just to satisfy C's policy of not reading any blogpost unless there's pictures involved):
The Kayaks in the Honda Fit headed to the river

Russ and I ready to take off!

And there we go!

This is what the river looks like- so relaxing


testmonkey said...

And that is the proper way to spend an afternoon. Nicely done.

(Russ, there's only two types of boaters: those who have flipped, and those who will.

Hilary said...

So fun!

(PS - C appreciates the pics!)

Cassie said...

I could certainly see myself floating down a river with you. Delightful.