Sunday, May 8, 2011

Let's Hear it For the Moms!


* Raised 3 fantastic boys all on her own!
* Excellent homemaker; I've been known to call her "the Martha Stewart of Springville, Utah"
* Always has interesting stories about her job
* Really good cook, always giving us the latest kitchen gear (most recently a S'more machine)
Bonnie I absolutely I admire you! Thank you for being so wonderful!

Happy Mother's Day!

Momma Bear:

* My best friend.
* Has seen me at my worst, and still loves me! : D
* Raised 5 kids! 5 should-be juvenile delinquents!
* Always took us to church, has scripture study, and family prayer. Even when Scott would read the scriptures super fast just to get through them. Or when I refused to come up to the living room for family prayer. This means she is very patient.
* Great cook! Showed me what sticky buns are! And Potato Cheese Soup!
* She's a nurse. That's kind of like being a mom twice!

Happy Mother's Day!


* The thing I realize most about Dealia is her patience. With children, cooking, and just life.
* Speaking of children, she's great with children! Kids are just drawn to her!
*Speaking of cooking, she's amazing! Best salmon I've ever had!
* Wonderful to talk to. It's so peaceful and I never feel rushed or that she's not listening.
* Great laugh. I love it when she gets going and can't stop!

Happy Mother's Day!

all the mom's out there!

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