Saturday, July 16, 2011

How I get Through Finals

Yesterday I took my big final. The BIG one. It was a long week. And this is how I survived:

Studying at the school and observing fellow classmates. 
This is Tefteller. He's wearing a headband. And he's proud of it.

Dinner with friends. Prince Eric's fortune said, "You will get the desires of your heart"
The other side said "mustache"
I think that's a hint Prince Eric: Grow a mustache.

Receiving funny texts from Russ. Yes he swore again. On accident. 
But it always makes me smile.

And that is how you get through finals at Baylor Law School. 
That and a lot of studying. 
Now to do some laundry and put my house back in order so I can enjoy my summer!

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