Saturday, July 9, 2011

Worst Wife... Maybe Ever

Russ's Birthday was Thursday.

And all I blogged about was the Oxford Comma.

I didn't get him a present.

I went to my law school classes and role played counseling a client.
(In which role play Russ was a legislative aide for a politician... who had been murdered)

I pulled a major wife failure on celebrating Russ this year.

Today, I attempt to redeem myself by:

1. Planning a simple, but fun, date night tonight.

2. Blogging about my erroneous ways (isn't the first step of repentance acknowledgement?)

3. Letting my husband go on a 7 hour BBQ road trip across Texas (starting at 6:30 am) to get the best BBQ in the state and the best BBQ in the country.

And not minding that he came home and did this:
Overly Excellent BBQ Food Coma

So maybe I'm not the worst wife ever... but I did take a bit of a dip there.


testmonkey said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Russ. Be sure to cash in any leftover "she forgot your birthday" credit soon (it doesn't last long!).

Jeff said...

I'm most interested as to what he considers the best bbq in the country--pretty bold claim.

Russ said...

Best BBQ in Texas as declared by Texas Monthly...Snow's in Lexington.
Best in the country as declared by Bon Appitite magazine...Franklin's BBQ in Austin. It really is amazing.