Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Oxford Comma

I grew up on the Oxford Comma. I think when I was in college I met people who told me the Oxford Comma wasn't necessary anymore and it was... ornamental.

I still use the Oxford Comma.

But apparently these days the Oxford Comma may become extinct like Calligraphy.

In fact, it was just dropped by the University of Oxford Style Guide. (See here)

But I ask you: fellow readers, bloggers, and users of the English grammar tools:


Have you read this far and you don't know what an Oxford Comma is?

Well check this out. It does make a difference:



Nike and Mike Kirby said...

I agree with you. I always use it. I didn't know what it was called but I can't figure out why you wouldn't use it. It just makes sense.

Russ said...

This from the girl that only puts one space after a period.

Chow said...

Hey I'm not that old school! That kind of grammar is about typewriters.

Anonymous said...

This one says it much better...