Monday, August 22, 2011

Reuniting the Family

I am still catching up on blogging about summer, even though today is the first day I'm back at law school. So far, I've had one class, and it has been good. Tomorrow will be more of a challenge with Complex Litigation and Civil Liberties.

But this entry is all about something I did this summer: Attended and assisted in putting on the Christofferson family reunion. My mom was in charge of it, but she had to work all week. So she asked for my help with the signs and games. Here are some picture of how things went:

The Family Sign and entries in the children's coloring contest.

Lorraine about to try "Minute to Win It'
We had all sorts of fun games.

Shane and Baby Mac. Shane brought a soda fountain from his job.
We had unlimited fountain drinks.

Cousin Todd doing a Q & A

Traditional family singing near the end of the night.
Most people weren't into it, but I sure was! I love this tradition!

Family, family, family.

And more family.

Nate & Sarah running some water balloon games with the young kids.

Overall I think it was a hit. I really love attending the Christofferson family reunion and the Canadian family reunion. I wish I could go every year!

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