Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Almighty Thanksgiving Holiday!

This Thanksgiving we had my mom down for a visit. I was having so much fun, I forgot to get a ton of pics of the food/table setting (Hil, help me out on this one).

But there are some pictures to be shown. Before I display them, let me just say that this holiday is really Russ's big show. He is the chef in the family, and he should get most of the credit for the success of Thanksgiving. I tend to be a spectator and table-setter.

This year did not disappoint. Russ's cooking was delicious. The company was excellent. The traditions held strong. And in fact, that is where I will start: The Traditions.

Tradition: Thanksgiving morning exercise.

While Thanksgiving is wonderful, I always feel guilty about all the food. So a few years ago I started doing Turkey Trots on this day of deliciousness. This year I did the Gruene Turkey Trot with my mom:

Here's how I did:

I came in 106 out of 108 in my age group. 
But I finished!

The Food: An outside Thanksgiving.

This year we decided to eat Thanksgiving outside. We have some friends who eat outside every year. Russ is always incredibly jealous and wants to be like them- or at least eat Thanksgiving like them.
So this year we did!

Tradition: Toast (see the above pictures)

Every year I get Russ to make a toast, followed by each person saying something they're grateful for. Russ's toast was great, and I am always amazed at the things that people are grateful for. 

Tradition: Christmas set-up

Russ & I set up our Christmas decorations after we eat Thanksgiving. I like to do it this way for a few reasons. First, it gets your blood going a bit after eating so much. Second, you can be slow about it. I like to alternate between setting stuff up/playing games/eating pie/ watching the football game. Finally, I get to enjoy the Christmas decor a little bit longer.

Here's how the tree turned out:

Tradition: Fredricksburg Christmas Pyramid lighting

This tradition started last year. Basically we go to Fredricksburg to watch the annual lighting of the Christmas Pyramid. Yes, I said Pyramid. Google it. It's a German thing. This year was bigger than last year. And it included a performance of the Nutcracker!

Tradition: Black Friday Shopping

As I said earlier, Thanksgiving is really Russ's shining moment. And that extends beyond the food- it goes down to Black Friday Shopping. Russ knows how to do it right- without being part of the horde of people who trample over each other to get stuff. Russ is slick about it- strategic. He could write a book about it.

Again, this year he was at his best. He got the baby necessities for $150, boots for me, and a bunch of other stuff that is still being delivered. We are all stocked up on wedding gifts, white elephant gifts, and everything on our wish-lists... well pretty much everything.

Skyping with my brother, who is waiting in line for Black Friday.
 Lastly, Crafts.

With my mom in town we crafted and crafted until we were sick of it. We made this manger scene for my brother's family, we sewed tutus, we embroidered a quilt, and on and on. It was a great way to spend time together!!!

And if you're reading this and you feel tired after hearing about all we did, well you'll be pleased to know Russ and I were both sick the following weekend. We played too hard and paid the price the next few days! I think next year we'll slow it down!

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Thanksgiving was fantastic!

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