Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Catch-Up: Early Fall

I guess we spent Fall having too much fun because I forgot to blog about any of the things we did. Well, here are the highlights:

Event #1 Food and Friends:
While this happened often, I often did not take any pictures of our time spent with friends eating, laughing, and eating some more. But here are pics from one such occasion.

This is Brandon's Burger. It looks both awesome and scary.

This is Brandon eating the above burger.
He's a growing boy, so he DOWNED it and went back for a second!

What do you do after all that food?
Watch "The Lion King" in 3D.

Event #2 Our Annual Fall Date:

So starting last year, continuing this year, Russ and I do a day date in Austin where we hit up Cheesefest at all the Central Markets in Austin. Cheesefest is a celebration of cheese. You can taste all sorts of cheeses that have been made locally or that have been in the cheese process for years.
This year's winner: The Roaring 40's Bleu Cheese.

We also got some Pumpkin Pie Soda to wash down all that cheese:

And we ate Mongolian BBQ before the whole Cheesefest began:

We also went to look at the Whole Foods Chocolate Halloween display. It was less impressive than last year, but still fun to look at:

Event #3: I beat my friend Eric at Words With Friends.

My pal Eric is a Words With Friends genius. He wins by 200 points- at least.
Well, I won... one time.

Event #4: We saw Willie Nelson, George Strait, The Avett Brothers, Asleep at the Wheel, The Dixie Chicks, and Lyle Lovett in concert.

In September wildfires were raging down here in Texas. Thousands lost their homes, pets, and everything but their families. Austin, being the Live Music Capital of the World, did its' part to help these folks get back on their feet.
There was a massive benefit concert for the wildfire victims.
Sure, Russ and I couldn't afford the $500-$1,000 seats up close. But we managed to get the $25 nosebleeds. It was an amazing night of music. I felt like I was watching a family reunion of talented musicians. Everyone played together, or hung out on the side of the stage and watched Willie play. 
And, may I just say, George Strait is a cutie? Well he is, even if he is an old man. He has really kept those good looks!

Event #6: We got toilet-papered:

We woke up to toilet papered ghosts on Halloween. 
I loved it. 

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Cassie said...

Looks like some tasty eats! Want to play words with friends with me? Find me! "casspk"

I'm terrible... you will win every time.