Thursday, December 1, 2011

March 2nd is Going to be a Great Day!

This is my awesome mother-in-law and her 3 magnificent sons! She single handedly raised these amazing guys (they unintentionally all wore black in this picture. Natural Johnny Cash's).

I LOVE all three of them. Obviously I love Russ. But from the moment I met my in-laws, I loved them. And I thought they were awesome. Which was weird, because I thought in-laws were these awful monsters that ruined your life.

Well, I am THANKFUL that my in-laws are so cool. Their joys are my joys. Their sorrows are my sorrows. And there is much joy coming this Spring for Brother #2!

Yup, Randy is off the market. All you single ladies out there, you missed out on being part of the coolest family. Go somewhere else to find a Phase-10 master, Mandarin-speaking, computer genius.

And Linda, congrats! 
Welcome to the family.
You were cool before (she's a pastry chef) but you are so much cooler now with this AMAZING family!


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful comments! 2012 is going to be so fun!


All Because two people fell in love said...

This is cute because I had the same thought about in laws. I am so glad I was wrong. My in laws are my best friends. I always say one of the great things about marrying joe was getting to be apart of his family. Im so glad you get to have the same experience.