Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Shower

Yes, we are alive. Phoenix is just too much fun for us to remember to do anything else but talk to her and rock her to sleep.

But! We are not the only ones celebrating Little Miss Phoe (pronounced Fee)! Here are some pictures of a wonderful baby shower thrown by some near and dear friends!

Friends Munching on the Awesome Food.

Hanging out and talking about New Jersey and the best burger in San Marcos

Same as above! Cute & Happy Ladies.

The expressions of these friends crack me up!

The Spread- sooo delicious.

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I call this one, "The Hil Classic"
A series of funny faces from me:

Super Happy

I didn't understand how awesome this gift was- but now I know! Swaddling blankets are the BEST!

I thought, "YESSS... I've seen grandmother make these and I am so glad I have some of my own!"

Weird face, but such a wonderful gift from my friend Whitney.
I am spoiled and blessed to be surrounded by some of the most amazing women.

Again, weird face.

Sitting contemplatively at the end. I kept thinking about how many angels I am surrounded by!

And then this is the icing on the cake! Cute decor for Phoe's room!
Thank you friends! When my princess was born we weren't sure how bad her lungs were. I had this fear that no one would celebrate her life or know she existed. Having this time with my friends was like hearing that fear shot down entirely, and an answer back from Heavenly Father, "She exists, and there are many who love her."


Hilary said...

Oh dear...the "Hil classic" is indeed pretty classic! Remember when we were both pregnant? Weird.

Cassie said...

More friends presents and food... how can that be bad?