Thursday, February 23, 2012

Would you like your 2007 Self?

Many years ago, Russ bought a lifetime subscription to TiVo. Or is it Tivo?

Well, we moved to Texas and Russ receives free cable as part of his job. So the Tivo did not last very long.  But with my place in Waco, we finally plugged the Tivo in up there.

The fall-out of this has been interested. You see, Tivo not only records what tv shows you tell it to record, it also records shows that Tivo 'thinks' you would like.

So when we plugged in Tivo again, Tivo recorded shows we would have liked in 2007.

Ace of Cakes.

My Name is Earl.


The 3 Stooges.

Dance Moms.

Seriously Tivo??? Is Ace of Cakes on anymore? And Dance Moms?

Which made me think. Have I really changed that much since 2007? Here's what Tivo should record for me:

House Hunters.

A Baby Story.

30 Rock.

And so I guess I have changed since 2007. I've grown up. Which isn't a bad thing. Tonight I found this picture from 2007:

May that haircut never find its' way back to my head.

Thank you.

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