Sunday, March 18, 2012

PI Day Party

The Pies- minus the cheesecake and a Lemon Meringue
The Decathlon:

Run around the backyard trees 3.14 times

A little bit of math, using π

Brad and Phoenix watching the knowledge q & a

The pi-stashes (+ competitor Daniel):


Everyone together:

Deryl and Phoenix talking about how important Pi is on a global scale.

Preston put on a Pi-stash to impress Phoenix. 

Not Pictured:
  • The "truffle shuffle" part of the decathlon (there are pictures, but they're for blackmailing my friends later)
  • Hil & I singing the official "Pi Day" song. (It's Pi Day, Pi Day, Gotta Eat Pi on Pi Day...)
  • The Pi princess; Ruby of the Whitesides

Not a bad way to spend the holiday!

1 comment:

Hilary said...

A great party! And...a pretty darn epic song.