Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh, Canada. (Part One)

People always do some big thing to celebrate a law school graduations. One of my classmates went to Hawaii. Others toured Europe.

But me? I wanted to go to one place:


Canmore, Canada to be specific.

This place is my happy place. 

I spent my summers swimming in this lake- Quarry Lake.

I walked up and down the Main Street in this town again and again. Shopped in all the shops.

I remember the bowling alley, before it burned down.

I remember when The Bagel Co. was off the main drag.

I look for the "When Pigs Fly" Inn every time I visit.

And I used to do laundry at "The Lost Sock" Laundromat. Which is now gone.


So after graduation, this is where I wanted to go. And then my step-brother sent us a wedding invite for Labor Day weekend. So... there we went!

Here are some wedding pictures.

Ok so Lots of pictures of my sweet P!

Now, the reception:

Russ and the reception tent.

These were the awesome centerpieces made by my step-brother for his reception. This one holds a Soda bottle as well as Martinelli's. Of course we bought it and brought it home. 
And I love it!

These are my cute nieces (yes, they're twins).

So Fun!

P and one of her Great Grandmas.
So fun to get her to meet everyone!!!

The reception favors- salsa and peaches. So cute! So personal!

My step-brother also made these for the mothers of the bride and groom. 
Very, sweet and personal.

There's more to our Canada trip! But I'll post that on another day!!!

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All Because two people fell in love said...

That pic of Phoe's cute little feet look like they are in 5th position. :) can you tell Im a ballet mom now? lol. PS I miss that little girl.