Monday, November 26, 2012

Almost 1...

P is pushing up against the big 1-2... months that is. Over Thanksgiving I kept thinking, "I've got to write these things down." Well... here I go:

  • P loves to push her brown bear around in this little Playskool shopping cart. (unrelated- but why not spell it properly?)
  • P pushes the bear around and stops and talks to the bear, pointing out things and babbling. I think she is imitating what I do with her on her walks. It is very flattering... but also I like to think I point out more interesting things than a white wall or a crumb on the floor.
  • P will grab a burp cloth and wipe the bear's mouth and face. 
  • She folds her arms when we say that it is time to pray.
  • If you ask her, "P, where is the tree?" She will look at the Christmas tree and after a few minutes point at it and say "Ree".
  • If you catch her with the baby wipe lid open, she will shut the lid and look and smile (nevermind the small pile of wipes she's already pulled out).
  • She wave bye-bye.
  • If you show her a picture of a little kid or a baby on your computer, she looks at it and smiles, maybe even giggle.
  • P has this Baby Body Book that labels baby emotions, clothing, actions, etc. She will sit and read it and giggle when she gets to the babies playing peek-a-boo.
  • She will give you five when you say, "Gimme 5!"
  • If you say "Now you try" then she claps.
  • She thinks it is funny to look above and under things. Like if she's in the crib you look at her above, she giggles, then you look at her through the slats, she giggles. It's the funniest thing to her.
  • She self-feeds and has a special affinity for Cheerios. 
  • She can drink out of a sippy cup.
  • She can 'fetch'. I was trying to teach her how to throw a ball one day, but instead she would just retrieve the ball for me.

She sure is great! I love being her mom and teaching her new things.

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